The film is a story of grief, acceptance of ambiguity, and embracing joyfully the little moments even in your final breath. Amaia [Lisbeth Splawn] is trying to honor her father's [Andy Hankins] memory by driving up to their favorite spot on Loveland Pass in Colorado. Her emotions get the better of her forcing her to pull over. An obtrusive snowboarder, Ben [me], forces his way into her car to get a ride up the hill so he can board back down. Reluctantly, Amaia continues the journey, only to find them both facing their own best and worst selves when they get stuck in an avalanche. 

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This young director, Jack Baker, delivers a powerful story well beyond his years. Pitch Road is a tragic psychedelic psychological thriller about PTSD and the scars of war. The film needs no words as the soundtrack creates the requisite anxiety inducing, pulse pounding sound by sampling from over 10 songs including The Black Angels, The Veils, Judy Garland, Mick Gordon, Jonny Greenwood and the Doors. It features Michael Love Toliver, Nik Velimirovic, Jack Thompson and myself.

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Feature length film written, directed, produced, and acted in by gifted young talent, Alec Ybarra. This film highlights the true story of discrimination and school bullying perpetrated by parents, teachers, and administration. A powerful film that makes you realize there is so much more for us to do to grow together. I am proud to play a sheriff in this film due to appear in film festivals around the nation no later than summer 2018. See the Trailer

I was fortunate enough to play a role in Young Rising Sons' Undefeatable music video. What is more incredible is the heart-touching story highlighted in the video. It chronicles the true story of and features Lacey Jai Henderson, a U.S. Paralympic Track and Field athlete and Olympian. She truly embodies the undefeatable mindset and spirit and it was an honor to try and race her around the track. 

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Creative short film by Larry Beamon touching on themes of overcoming obstacle to get on with the next level of your life. Truly fun experience starring in this film.

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