Pitch Statement

Bodhi Rader is a German-born actor that embodies confident charm in an approachable, yet powerful demeanor. He served in the US Air Force as a pilot and cyber security officer, helped cities move towards renewable energy while researching at the Rocky Mountain Institute, and inspired people of all ages as a personal trainer. These experiences allow him to convincingly portray public authority figures, CEOs, or simply the father next door. Sometimes described by his friends as a “chameleon”, Bodhi has played a maddeningly wise yet silly snowboarder, mob enforcer, and gun-for-hire. On screen Bodhi plays ages 27-37 with the goofball physicality of Chris Pratt in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and the heart-winning appeal of Matt Damon in “Good Will Hunting”. Bodhi’s disciplined and responsive work ethic keep directors and crews asking him back repeatedly. He is an actor known for “Unmarked” (2017, post-production), “Black Coffee” (2017, production), “Countdown” (2018, pre-production), and being nominated as Best Actor for “Breathless” (2017). Bodhi also produced “Silicon Beach” (2017, post-production).



Bodhi Rader was born in a small university town in Germany. His mother, Ilse Rader, is from a German farming family, and his father, Abbey Rader, is a Bronx-raised drummer. He has a brother, Kai Rader, an accomplished graphic artist, designer, and photographer. The Rader family moved to South Florida when Bodhi was nine, and he has lived across the US and Europe since.

He began acting later in his professional life after flirting with the idea but resisting his inner calling for years. After serving in the US Air Force as a pilot and cyber security officer, auditing IT operations for utilities at the Department of Energy, consulting in renewable energy as an expert at the think-tank Rocky Mountain Institute, and now inspiring people of all ages as a health trainer at Orangetheory Fitness; he made his acting debut in Denver, Colorado. Starting with minor commercial roles and student projects, he was nominated as Best Community Actor at the Colorado Film School in his first short film, “Breathless” (2017). Since then Bodhi has lead or been featured various local and national commercials, multiple film projects, and industrial and music videos.

Often seen as an authority figure, uniformed professional, or good guy, Bodhi also has a goofy side and excels in roles outside what his initial appearance might suggest. Look for him in the upcoming webseries “Black Coffee” (2017, production) as mob enforcer Nico and action oriented resistance leader in the feature film “Countdown” (2018, pre production).