My name is Bodhi Rader. I'm an actor with a mission informed by a richly lived life, driven by a quest to learn, to be interested.

I consider myself a team actor, ready to grab a C-stand, perform with the editor in mind, and give to the other actors in the scene. Being on set is a team event with each person needing to perform their part to make magic as a whole!

  • Branding Statement:
    • Bodhi is a fit, complex, and adventurous man with the down to Earth essence of a loving father, guy next door, everyday hero who can play a range from young executive to military to roughneck.
  • Comparison Statement:
    • Bodhi embodies the powerful presence and sincerity of Hugh Jackman meets the joyful carefree strength of Chris Pratt. 

But hey, the best way to get to know me is to get in touch. Send me a message using the contact form or find me on the socials below. I am easy to talk to and always looking to grow. I’ve worked on a range of films, commercials, industrials, and am constantly looking for new challenges. Let’s get to magic!